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He(ck) no, A-Rod ain't a Hall of Famer, Tommy Lasorda says

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VinScullyIsMyHomeboy (who doesn't feel like that?) dug up this nugget, where former Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda goes on the radio to go off on Kingman's performance the Philly Phanatic Alex Rodriguez.

You see, Tommy doesn't think much of A-Rod, an admitted steriod-user, making the Hall of Fame someday.

Money quote, from VSIMH via Loose Cannons:

"Well, hell, I don't think so. No. Not if it's proven that he has taken that, he has admitted that he has taken it for three years and that's not good, not right."

Here's a link to VinScullyIsMyHomeboy, which includes an amusing pic of Lasorda, plus photo proof that Vin Scully IS Roberto's homebody.

Here's a link to the full radio interview.

Here's a link to Baseball Boogie.

We'll have more A-Rod reactions, too, because they're endless, as is your interest in this story.

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