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Catcher Wilson Ramos hits Chase Utley’s bat with snap throw

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Here's something you don't see too often, if ever: Catcher Wilson Ramos of the Washington Nationals hitting the bat of Chase Utley with a snap throw to first base.

It happened in the fourth inning Monday night and, as Philly broadcaster Chris Wheeler said, it's still a live ball, and Jimmy Rollins was free to advance to second base, which he did. That means Ramos was charged an error for his inaccurate — yet oddly accurate — throw.

Analyst Gary Matthews might have been selling the play short. He's seen more baseball than most of us, but I've sure never seen that happen before. Every once in a while, a long throw from the outfield might bounce off a bat as it lay on the ground, but a throw from a catcher hitting a bat with the batter still holding it? That's got to be a new one.

If you watch it again, keep an eye on Utley. He's definitely giving a "Well, that's a new one," vibe. The play mattered, too.

Utley ended up striking out, but with Jimmy Rollins in scoring position, Carlos Ruiz hit an RBI single to center for Philly's first run of the game. The Phillies would beat the Nationals 3-2. Just the kind of luck the Nationals don't need when struggling to stay alive for a playoff spot.

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