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Carlos Gomez — messy eater or modeling new Brewers novelty shirts?

Mark Townsend
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(Brewers on Twitter)

If you guessed the former, you owe Carlos Gomez an apology.

Or maybe the Milwaukee Brewers owe him an apology, because their brand new novelty t-shirt makes it look like he's just as well known for passing out in his plate of pasta than he is robbing home runs.

Here's the intended look Milwaukee was going for per their description.

The front of this tee is "dirty" because Gomez plays hard, making great catches and sliding into the plate. The back is Go Go catching a fly ball as a tribute to his Gold Glove award from 2013.

The concept makes sense. Gomez is known for playing the game full speed ahead, consequences and other players' feelings be damned. It's very rare that he'll ever leave a game with a clean uniform, but we doubt he's ever left the field or clubhouse with his uniform looking quite like that.

Here's a more accurate portrayal of what the common dirty Carlos Gomez uniform looks like.

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(USA Today)

That uniform is consistent with a head first slide into a base. The Brewers t-shirt is consistent with a very awkward and potentially season-ending dive for a fly ball on the warning track.

That is red clay, right? Has to be.

To Gomez's credit, he models the shirt with pride.

Chances are it will be a hot seller, regardless of the fun we're having talking about it. That's another reason to smile. But deep down he has to be wishing he had just a little more input in the finished product.

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The Brewers also released novelty shirts for Scooter Gennett, Jean Segura, Jonathan Lucroy and, of course, Bob Uecker.

Overall they actually look pretty cool. It's a good marketing idea that will definitely move some merchandise , but it might take us awhile to get over the Carlos Gomez shirt.

BLS H/N: Deadspin

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