Buster Posey: Giants playoff celebrations should be yearly events

Mark Townsend
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If you think San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey(notes) views his team's success and World Series appearance as a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you got another thing coming.

During his usual Wednesday segment on KNBR radio, Giants analyst Mike Krukow — whom I quoted here just a few days ago — offered some more goodies, including this nugget on Posey.

"I saw Buster in the elevator after the [clinching] game. I told him, 'This doesn't happen every year.' He said: 'Why not?'"

(Listen to the entire Krukow interview here. It's another beauty.)

One could take Posey's response as being caught in the moment, arrogant, or maybe even a little ignorant.

You know what I say? Why not?

The Giants not only have a lot of the ingredients needed to make frequent postseason appearances in the next four to five seasons, but a couple more World Series berths wouldn't shock me, either.

Ingredient 1: Young, dominant pitching that is now playoff tested.

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Tim Lincecum(notes), Matt Cain(notes) and Madison Bumgarner(notes) are all 26 years old or younger. That alone should make fans of the 29 other teams lose sleep at night.

Jonathan Sanchez(notes) (to the right of Cain and Timmy above) will turn 28 in November; that probably doesn't qualify as young, but he's entering the prime of his career with a better understanding of his strengths and how to utilize them.

The next time these guys make the playoffs, there will be no questions about inexperience holding them back.

Ingredient 2: Offensive building blocks.

Posey obviously is the guy you build around, but don't stick a fork in Pablo Sandoval(notes), either. If they can squeeze a couple more productive years from Aubrey Huff(notes) or Pat Burrell(notes), there's no reason they can't fill in the gaps around them with some youth and a couple Cody Ross(notes)- and Juan Uribe(notes)-types. Heck, they may even continue to use the original Cody Ross and Juan Uribe for those roles.

Ingredient 3: Cream of the crop.

The National League West is typically a competitive division with at least three teams hanging around the top each of the past four seasons. That balance always leaves open the possibility of something unexpected. But looking forward, the Colorado Rockies, Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres have more questions than answers.

That's not to say any or all of those teams will fade completely but, barring injury, the Giants are heavy favorites for 2011 and likely beyond.

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