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Bus driver sues hospital, says doctors watched baseball instead of treating his erection

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You try and find a picture for this post.

So much for the modern axiom that thinking about baseball is a cure-all for unwanted erections.

A bus driver reportedly is suing a hospital in Connecticut, saying staff at an affiliated facility failed to treat him promptly and properly for priapism — a persistent and often painful erection unrelated to sexual arousal — and instead made him wait while they watched a baseball game on TV. In a federal lawsuit, Daren Scott of Brockton, Mass., seeks $2 million from the Yale-New Haven Hospital. A stiff penalty to be sure, one that's on the level with Merkle's Boner.

A story by the Associated Press says that Scott was driving customers from Boston to New York on April 19, 2009 when he began to have a disabling erection. He dropped off passengers and checked into an emergency care clinic but was told he had to move his bus because it was improperly parked. He complied — adding to his pain, the suit claims — but was told to wait even longer for treatment. Scott, who alleges the physicians he saw were neither good men, nor thorough, was only beginning his nightmare.

While waiting, Scott said he noticed that the facility's staff, including physicians on duty, was watching the game on TV. Scott says his pain worsened and he told a nurse.

"Notwithstanding this call for help, the staff, including the physicians, continued to watch the baseball game and ignore plaintiff's condition," the lawsuit states.

After an hour, Scott was brought into a treatment room. He said a doctor refused to properly inject his medication, and no effort was made to bring in an urologist.

Scott says he was later taken to the hospital and forced to wait another four hours before receiving treatment. He said an operation was unsuccessful and he remained in great pain for several months.

Four hours to wait! And months of pain! Enough to make a grown man cry. That's awful, but the story leads to the following question: Which baseball game was the hospital staff watching?

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Considering it's Connecticut, you have to figure it was a New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox game. Considering that Scott says he had to wait longer than four hours, you have to figure the Yankees and Red Sox were playing each other on a Sunday night.

Not so, however.

That April day was a sunny Friday afternoon in the Bronx. The Yankees hosted the Indians, pulling out a 6-5 victory in 3 hours, 24 minutes thanks in part to a home run by Derek Jeter against Jensen Lewis in the bottom of the eighth. Meanwhile, the Red Sox beat the Orioles 10-8 at Fenway Park in 3:34. Every Red Sox starter had at least one hit, scored at least one run or drove in at least one. Teamwork.

According to a recent Quinnipiac University poll, fans in New Haven County favor the Yankees, 46 percent to 36 percent, instead of the Red Sox. So it was probably one or the other.

Perhaps the answer will be revealed in the suit, which the hospital says it will fight "vigorously."

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