Buck Showalter demands umpire's headphones so he can 'talk to New York'

David Brown
August 11, 2014

Major league managers are not supposed to be allowed to argue with umpires about decisions made by video replay officials. If they do, after being give some leeway, the managers are supposed to be ejected. After all, the officials making the decision are not at the ballpark, but instead in a fancy control room in New York City.

Knowing this, Buck Showalter of the Baltimore Orioles demanded that crew chief Jeff Nelson hand over the headphones and microphone he used to communicate with the replay guys after a call was overturned in favor of the St. Louis Cardinals at Camden Yards on Sunday. Nelson did not comply.

The Cardinals led by a run at the time of the disagreement and won 8-3, avoiding a three-game sweep.

Via MASN and the School of Roch, Showalter said:


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Did the umpires offer an explanation?

"I wasn't waiting around for that one," Showalter said. "I was hoping to talk to New York, but they wouldn't let me."

Crew chief Jeff Nelson tossed Showalter after allowing the manager to vent.

"You just want to ascertain whether it's an argument directly related to the replay result or if it was an unrelated question to clarify something, such as how many challenges someone would have left or something like that," Nelson told a pool reporter.

Umpires, at first, had ruled that infielder Jonathan Schoop caught a flip from Ryan Flaherty before dropping it on a transfer to his throwing hand in the seventh inning. After the Cards challenged, the call was reversed. Although Schoop didn't seem to have possession for very long, Showalter did have a point about the shifting interpretation of this rule.

"Ball's in back of the glove, just like the old rule, new rule, old rule," Showalter said after an 8-3 loss to the Cardinals. "They changed it out of spring, then they changed it back to the old rule. Today, it got changed back to the other one, so what are you going to do? It's one of the challenges you have when you've got...

"The guy behind the plate (Gabe Morales) was very challenged today. It might have been as challenging a game as we saw all year."

Showalter also had a point about not being able to speak with the decision-makers who judge the replays. Before expanded replay, an arguing manager at least could say his piece to an umpire standing right there. Nowadays, he can't even get the guy on the phone.

Showalter might have lost the challenge and the game, but does than mean he shouldn't have headphones?

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Beats by 'Buck. 

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