Bryce Harper or Yasiel Puig: Which player would you rather have on your team?

Mike Oz
June 8, 2013

Less than a week into Yasiel Puig's MLB career and we're already measuring him against Bryce Harper. It would seem crazy — if not for how great Puig has been since getting his big league call-up earlier this week.

Harper vs. Puig? Harper you've seen more in the big leagues, but he's actually the younger of the two. Puig wows you with potential. He's a beast of an athlete. Harper has been pegged as a future superstar since he was in high school. Puig has been pegged as a Bo Jackson-like talent since he set spring training afire.

Harper vs Puig? Yahoo Sports' baseball columnists Tim Brown and Jeff Passan each had a different take and you'll see them arguing their sides in the video above.

Now we'll turn it over to you. Let's say you're a baseball GM and you can have your pick of these two young studs — what a position to be in — which would you choose?

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