This is Bryce Harper’s brother and this is Bryce Harper’s brother’s mustache

As superb as the start of Bryce Harper's 2013 season has been, his at-the-plate prowess might not be the most impressive thing in the Harper family this baseball season.

Because holy moly, have you seen his brother's mustache? Let's all just stare it for a second or 60.

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(Hagerstown Suns)

This is Bryan Harper (parents obviously love the Brys). He's 23 and Bryce's older brother. He's also 6-foot-5 and a pitcher for the Single-A Hagerstown Suns, part of the Washington Nationals organization. His idol, apparently, isn't Bryce Harper. It's Rollie Fingers. Look at those handlebars.

Byron Kerr from MASN talked to the elder Harper ahead of the Suns' season debut. Toward the bottom of the story is what we all want to know about: the 'stache.

"People tell me I have to keep it until something goes awry, like a losing streak or something like that. It will probably be here the whole year," Bryan Harper said. "I have been compared to the 1920s barehanded knuckle boxer."

A bare-knuckle boxer? Yeah, we can totally see that. But you know what we'd also like to see? Bryce with big brother Bryan's mustache. Photoshop, take it away.

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