Brian Wilson is throwing a knuckleball now, because of course he is

Mike Oz
March 4, 2014
Brian Wilson is throwing a knuckleball now, because of course he is

If you were to pose the question, "which MLB pitcher would randomly starting throwing a knuckleball eight years into his career," Brian Wilson would have to be one of the top five answers on the board, right?

Wilson is an odd cat, one of baseball's funkiest pitchers, so uncorking baseball's funkiest pitch seems fitting. He did it Tuesday, throwing a strike on the first pitch to Brad Miller of the Seattle Mariners:

Wilson was the starting pitcher in Tuesday's game for the Los Angeles Dodgers. That's something he's never done in his entire regular season career, but it's spring training, so what the heck?

Maybe this was just an attempt by Wilson to get on SportsCenter or do something weird because he himself was in a weird situation as a starter. But maybe not. Maybe he's going to start throwing the occasional knuckler.

It was a nice pitch, across the plate for a strike. And as the Dodger Insider blog reminds us, there was video last season of Wilson "messing around" with a knuckleball during warm-ups.

Because having a big ol' weird beard wasn't enough, right?

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