Braves fan pens resignation letter in hopes of obtaining postseason tickets

Mark Townsend
October 4, 2013

How much would you be willing to sacrifice to attend your favorite team's postseason game? Probably not as much as Atlanta Braves fan Chad Parham, who penned and posted a resignation letter on Twitter hoping to win two tickets to Friday night's Game 2.

The letter was in response to the Braves "Fear The Chop" promotion on Twitter. The assignment was simple: The Braves wanted fans to tweet them a creative picture showing how ready they were to chop at Turner Field. Of course, most responded with real photos, but Parham went with a letter that quickly detailed the sacrifice he was willing to make.

Here's what Parham wrote.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately depending on how much Parham actually likes his job, he never had to cross that bridge. Another fan was deemed the winner for this photo.

Both deserve points for creativity, though the letter seemed to display a greater degree of loyalty to the cause.

With that said, we have to take our hats off to the fans. They're the ones who have stolen the show early in this postseason. From the father in Pittsburgh who got his son excused early for Bucco Fever" to the fan chants that have been taking place in every stadium, the fans are providing the best entertainment. Though we're certain the baseball will catch up soon enough.

The postseason is here and we’ve got you covered.
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