Brandon Phillips adds classic videobomb to prankster résumé

Mark Townsend
May 14, 2014

It appears Cincinnati Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips is ready to expand his horizons when it comes to pulling off pranks at the ballpark.

Recently, he proved himself to be an elite photobomber as he went to great heights to appear in a photo with a member of Team USA's women's hockey team, including goalie Molly Schaus. Now, Phillips is moving up one level to videobombing. And to be perfectly honest, he may be even better in the latter role.

His first known foray into videobombing occurred on Tuesday when San Diego Padres right-hander Ian Kennedy made a live appearance on MLB Network's MLB Now television show. Phillips jumped right into action when the red light went on, providing the home viewing audience with some impromptu entertainment. And it's not as if Phillips was satisfied with one quick appearance. He continued popping in and out of the frame for well over a minute as Kennedy continued the interview. 

Unlike photoboming, success in videobombing is measured in persistance. Though it appeared Kennedy was aware of Phillips early on in the gag, he no sold it until Phillips gave him no choice but to crack and respond. Also credit the MLB Network crew for sticking to business and not selling Phillips' actions either until Kennedy reacted. Naturally, Kennedy was a good sport about it too, because it's impossible not to get a chuckle out of Phillips' antics.

When the lights are on and he's between the white lines, Brandon Phillips is as competitive as they come. Sometimes that intensity even extends to the clubhouse. But with that being said, if there's a player who enjoys his time at the ballpark more than Phillips, we'd certainly like to meet him.

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