Brandon McCarthy shares his batting practice playlist with Twitter followers

Mark Townsend
May 26, 2013

The best thing about Brandon McCarthy is that he's always in Brandon McCarthy mode. Regardless of what time of year it is, what team he's playing for, or what his particular assignment on a certain day might be, he approaches life the same way. And I might add it's the right way, because he rarely takes himself seriously, and he always manages to entertain.

A perfect example of this showed up on Twitter on Saturday when McCarthy decided to share with us his ideal batting practice playlist for Arizona Diamondbacks home games at Chase Field.

Yes, the team actually handed him a piece of paper and asked him to write down his preferred list of musical selections, and much like most of us have done when asked to do something similar (like maybe fill out a Secret Santa list) he couldn't help but return to his sophomoric roots.

Take a look.

Here's a larger view of the list just to confirm that yes, it does say "1 long John Goodman fart" and then there's my personal favorite, "Dane Cook comedy album on mute."

Truly a perfect mix of (somewhat) serious, hilarious and outrageous selections, which are the components all good playlists must have.

Now, here's to hoping the Diamondbacks actually throw a few of these into their mix starting immediately. Few people will hear them, of course, but it's the idea and effort that counts.

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