Brandon Belt’s heads-up play turns disaster into delight for Giants (Video)

Mark Townsend

If you like a crazy play that has a little bit of everything, you're in luck, because the Colorado Rockies and San Francisco Giants provided one on Monday night.

It happened with the Rockies hitting in the second inning. Their own starting pitcher, Alex White, had just connected for his first career home run one batter earlier, so it's probably safe to assume San Francisco's Ryan Vogelsong was already in a bad mood on the mound. And his mood would not improve as Tyler Colvin smacked him in the lower leg with a one-hopper ticketed for center field.

After striking Vogelsong, the ball would roll slowly towards the first base line, allowing Buster Posey to scoop it up and make an attempt on Colvin at first. Initially, that part didn't go well either for San Francisco, because Posey's throw deflected off first baseman Brandon Belt's glove. However, instead of bouncing into short right field, allowing Colvin to advance, it hit umpire Eric Cooper and fell at his feet.

Unfortunately for Colvin, his first instinct was to make a dash for second. But fortunately for the Giants, Belt's first instinct was to retrieve the ball and quickly apply the tag on Colvin to record a wild third out:

Honestly, I can't blame Cooper for missing the call or not being in the right frame of mind initially. That was not a pleasant shot he took. But kudos to the rest of the crew for huddling up and ultimately getting it right. I just wish it didn't take a manager coming out to argue in order to get such a play overturned. If another umpire sees something, he should speak up right away and help keep the show moving.

Anyway, we're happy to report that Cooper and Vogelsong were both able to shake off their temporary discomfort and remained in the game. As for Colvin, he still gets credited with a single, which might ease his mind a little bit, but not as much as the Rockies holding on for a 6-5 victory. All's well that ends well for him.

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