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Brad Davis forced to borrow catcher's gear for big league debut

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Brother, can you spare a jock strap?

OK, so maybe his situation wasn't that dire, but Florida Marlins catcher Brad Davis(notes) did find himself in a bind after reporting to the big league club on Wednesday.

The first problem was that his previous catcher's gear was New Orleans Zephyr blue and wouldn't match the teal of the Marlins uniform. So he had to borrow a color-coordinated chest protector and shin guards from the man he replaced, injured backup backstop Brett Hayes(notes).

That's not a very unusual situation for a new catcher as it takes time to order new gear and an emergency callup doesn't allow for that luxury.

But Davis also had to borrow Hayes' catcher's mitt because — get this — he grabbed the wrong equipment bag on his rush to get from Louisiana to Florida, and his old leather was left behind in the Big Easy.

The mixup luckily didn't faze Davis, who was too happy to be in the show after being drafted in 2004 and spending six years in the minors. He went 0-for-3 with a walk, but was also on the receiving end of a solid eight-inning, eight-strikeout performance from Ricky Nolasco(notes).

From the Miami Herald:

"This is my first time getting the call, so I'm on Cloud Nine right now. This is great," said Davis, who was pulled in the middle of New Orleans game Tuesday and told by manager Greg Norton(notes) that he was headed to the majors. "To be able to come here and get a start? I'm ecstatic."

If you were wondering whose bag Davis brought to Miami or what was in it, the report in the Miami Herald doesn't say. So let's just assume it was a ringer from Walter Sobchak and that it was filled with dirty undies, dude. (The whites!)

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