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Boooo!: Robinson Cano accidentally knocks off Billy Butler’s cap during infield practice

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I think we've heard just about all we can handle about the negative reaction of Kansas City Royals fans towards Robinson Cano on Monday night for not selecting hometown favorite Billy Butler as a participant in the Home Run Derby.

The fans were angry. They felt they were justified being angry. Cano picked the team he thought would win and be the most entertaining. He was right on both accounts, and just took the reaction in stride. No one was really right or wrong, it was just sports at its sportiest.

But one day later, we're all ready to move on from the debates and reactions to the reaction, and perhaps the two people at the very top of that list are Cano and Butler themselves. I think that was somewhat evident as the two got together for a friendly chat during infield practice prior to Tuesday's All-Star game.

And then it turned ugly. Or, more accurately, hilarious, as Cano fielded a fungo grounder and proceeded to knock Butler's cap off on the return throw after the Royals' lone All-Star representative leaned in too close.

Like I said, it was hilarious, and completely accidental.

But just for the heck of it: Booooo!

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