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Bobby Valentine won’t be on TBS during playoffs because of 9/11 Yankees comments

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TBS originally planned to have former Boston Red Sox manager-9/11 historian Bobby Valentine join Keith Olbermann for a studio show during the upcoming playoffs. However, in the wake of Valentine putting both feet in his mouth by giving a warped version of how the New York baseball teams respectively helped to heal the city after terrorist attacks in 2001, TBS decided to assist Olbermann and Tom Verducci with Pedro Martinez instead.

At least Verducci and Martinez aren't on the record as saying that "You couldn’t find a Yankee down at Ground Zero, talking to the guys who were working 24/7," and other absurdities Valentine couldn't prove because it didn't happen that way.

Newsday has sources saying that Valentine's comments ruined any chance he had of working the postseason:

Two people familiar with what went down said Valentine was sunk by comments on WFAN Sept. 11 in which he criticized the Yankees’ response – or lack thereof – in the days after the terrorist attacks of 2001.

Considering his ability to glibly talk baseball, but also Valentine's uncanny willingness to stir up a hornets nest with seemingly with no provocation, it might have made for great TV. But it's probably best, given Olbermann's subsequent editorial ripped Valentine as being the "worst person in the world."

As much as awkward TV is awesome, and who knows what Valentine might say next, it's appropriate that he face consequences for senselessly trying to score points against the hated Yankees by badmouthing their effort in the wake of 9/11. Just take the offseason off, Bob.

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