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Consider it a lesson learned: Make any mention of Santa and snowballs, no matter how fleeting, and angry Philadelphians are going to immediately see red and fill your comment section and email inbox. One guy might even instruct you to come to "Allentown P-A" to "talk about this like men." (His bolding, obviously, not mine.)

Hey, I was just trying to point out that all the strides these fine folks make in getting us to believe they're simply just misunderstood are hurt when they show up at a World Series ring ceremony and boo a player of such little consequence as ex-pitcher Adam Eaton (video here).

Alas, my argument that everyone earns absolution when you're celebrating a world title seemed to be lost as most readers immediately readied their defense to what they perceived as another slam on their town. Which it wasn't. Many respondents pointed out that this could've happened in other cities and I would have written about them, too, had they, you know, actually won the World Series and booed someone at a ring ceremony.

Anyway, I know that some of you saw this in good fun (like, maybe five of you) and thanks to everyone who sent in passionate, profanity-free arguments. You guys did cheer Pat Burrell and Geoff Jenkins and Adam Eaton has done enough to be booed on every other occasion.

But we're going to have to agree to disagree on this one and hopefully you'll be able to allow me back into your city to perform such valuable services like interview a miniature Philly Phanatic and get the first post-title "No Questions Asked" from Shane Victorino.

As I told Mike Missanelli of Philadelphia's ESPN Radio 950 in the interview below, "It's Adam Eaton, dude." He didn't hold you back from that long-awaited World Series title. Don't let him get under your skin so much.

A big BLS head nod to Mike M. and his producer Jon Marks for the interview opportunity, by the way. It was a lot of fun and much more enjoyable than the root canal I was expecting.

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