Big League Stew Mascot Madness Day 1: The San Diego Chicken Bracket

Jay Busbee

Big League Stew's Mascot Madness bracket is underway! Check out the matchups below and click on each matchup to head to the BLS Facebook page to vote. Your mascot is counting on you. UPDATE: The polls are closed!

San Diego Chicken Bracket
#1 Phillie Phanatic vs. #8 Dinger

We begin with the heaviest of hitters, the Phanatic. An early favorite to win this whole poll, the Phanatic gets an early draw against Dinger, the giant purple dinosaur who's the mascot of the Colorado Rockies. Will Dinger pull the upset, or will the Phanatic storm right into Round 2? The choice is yours! WINNER: Phillie Phanatic!

#4 Oriole vs. #5 Ace

A classic AL East matchup. Oriole (pronounced "Oreo" if you're actually from Baltimore) is a certifiable icon and possible bracket dark horse, while Ace is a relative newcomer saddled with a rather run-of-the-mill name. Can Ace blank Oriole? Up to you, friends! WINNER: Oriole!

#2 Fredbird vs. #7 Paws

Another classic, Fredbird, makes his tourney debut against Midwest rival Paws. Now, Paws reps a defending American League champ, but Fredbird has history on his side. Who gets the nod? WINNER: PAWS!

#3 Bernie Brewer vs. #6 Screech

You gotta love Bernie Brewer and his slide. Screech, meanwhile, may not be even the most famous mascot in his own ballpark. Should be a walk, but then, you never know exactly how Washington is going to vote. WINNER: BERNIE BREWER!

And that's it for today! Come on back tomorrow morning for the next round!