Best of Vin Scully’s Twitter takeover

Mark Townsend
June 20, 2013

Just when you thought the great Vin Scully had seen and done it all, he breaks new ground in social media.

During the second game of the Los Angeles Dodgers day-night doubleheader against the New York Yankees on Wednesday, the legendary broadcaster, who elected not to travel cross country to broadcast the series at Yankee Stadium, instead took over the Dodgers official Twitter feed to add his insight and share his endless pearls of wisdom with the masses.

It was a wonderful thing to follow along with, especially when you consider it was just two months ago that Scully was asking on air "What in the world is a hashtag?" He still may not understand the concept completely, but it was only a matter of minutes before the hashtag #vinscully was trending in the United States.

Though he did seem a little excited there, he was obviously more interested in what was happening in the game. Would you expect anything else?

Also, yes, the Dodgers did have someone in place to do the heavy-lifting (aka typing), but it was still classic Vin Scully from start to finish. And speaking of that, here are a few more of Mr. Scully's best tweets of the evening, beginning with his customary welcome to Dodgers baseball.

Scully on the undeniable power of Twitter:

Scully on his broadcasting career and experiences:

Scully on playing baseball against a future United States President:

Scully on the epic NBA Finals:

Scully on Yasiel Puig following the rookie's home run at Yankee Stadium:

That's a wrap, Dodgers win 6-0 to earn the doubleheader split:

Thank you, Vin Scully!

Always a classic and class act.

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