Bernie Brewer tattoo portrays Milwaukee mascot as bloodthirsty, Cubs-hating mercenary

Kevin Kaduk
April 10, 2012

A few years back, the Stew featured a great tattoo that was half-Milwaukee Brewers ball-and-glove logo, half Grateful Dead "steal your face" symbol and all about a good time.

This tattoo pictured below — and originally featured on The Hall of Very Good — is on the complete opposite end of the emotional spectrum. It's bloody, it's territorial, it's ... probably great for getting free drinks when you walk into any bar in Mukwonago.

With the way things are going on the North Side, we'd say the artwork is a pretty accurate depiction of the current scene in the NL Central. But why not add a dead bird or bleeding man with an oversized baseball head to reflect the Brewers' true battle in 2012? It'd make this overaggressive Crew fan the evil twin of MLB Fan Cave denizen Ben Christensen (aka "The Guy with All the Baseball Tattoos"). It  would be violent, but at least it'd be an ethos.

One more thing: Who gets a tattoo of Bernie Brewer and doesn't include at least one mug of beer? If nothing else, it'd be a sudsy tribute to the case of High Life Light that led to this idea in the first place.

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