Bees swarm visitor’s dugout at Kauffman Stadium

David Brown
May 27, 2013

Apparently, all that was left for the Kansas City Royals was to release bees on their opponent. A swarm of nature's honey makers occupied the visitor's dugout at Kauffman Stadium on Sunday morning, preventing the Los Angeles Angeles from using it until about 90 minutes before the first pitch.

Not a whole lot happens in a major league dugout during that time, especially on a Sunday, so it amounted to just a minor inconvenience after a beekeeper went to work and collected our insect friends. No players, reportedly, got stung.

And, with the advent of Rally Bees, the Royals officially had run out of ideas.

The Royals created a buzz in the offseason by trading a top prospect for ace right-hander James Shields, serving notice that this season would be different in the AL Central. They even started the season 17-10, stirring hopes that they'd finish above .500 in April and May for the first time since 1989. Nineteen eighty nine! Dayton Moore was cleaning house and taking names for postseason playoff ticket orders.

However, after another tough defeat Sunday, their 16th in 20 games that dropped the Royals to 21-26 overall, those dreams are toast. And now animal control has all of their bees.

The Royals sure ain't what they used to be:

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