Baseball wife Anna Benson gets 15 years probation after bizarre attack on husband Kris Benson

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Anna Benson stormed into the residence of her estranged husband in July, armed like she was a video-game character. She had a gun, a knife, a metal baton, a loaded ammunition belt and she wore a bulletproof vest. She broke a computer and demanded Kris Benson, the former MLB pitcher, give her $30,000.

And just like, the woman who was once the hottest of the baseball wives — a one-time model and reality TV star — had hit a startling low. She spent the next four months in jail until Tuesday, when she pleaded guilty to charges of aggravated assault and gun possession in a Cobb County (Ga.) Superior Court.

Benson, 37, now faces 15 years of probation and three months of therapy. She had faced a maximum of 25 years in prison and $200,000 in fines. The Atlanta Journal Constitution has more on Benson's plea deal and the conditions that could shorten her probation:

"In exchange for her guilty plea to aggravated assault and gun possession in a bizarre attack at Kris Benson’s home and submitting to three months of inpatient psychiatric therapy, prosecutors agreed to dismiss a burglary charge and additional aggravated assault charges" ...

"As part of the terms of the plea deal, Anna Benson must successfully complete a 90-day psychiatric treatment program at an undisclosed, out-of-state facility" ...

"If she completes the program and can go five years without committing a felony or violating probation conditions prohibiting her from coming within 500 yards of her husband or threatening him and their children, the second five years of probation will be unsupervised. After 10 years, if she remains compliant, the final five years will be dismissed."

Kris Benson wasn't happy about the plea bargain. He filed for divorce in 2012, but it hasn't yet been finalized. Anna, a former stripper, famously said in 2004 that she would sleep with the whole New York Mets team if Kris ever cheated on her. Perhaps that was a sign things were never going to end well with these two?

Speaking on behalf of Kris Benson, Cobb County assistant district attorney Don Geary said to the court:

“He asks the court not to accept the plea. Ultimately, he wants safety for himself and his children and has great concern about the children and the affect that the defendant’s behavior has on them.”

The couple has three children together.

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