The baseball art you need in your life: Nolan Ryan headlocking Robin Ventura

Mike Oz
August 27, 2013

Looking for some cool baseball art to adorn your walls? We've found just the thing.

Behold this artist's rendering of one of baseball's most famous fights. Nolan Ryan headlocking Robin Ventura while cocking his fist to deliver a punch — such a classic moment.

This piece is titled "Don't Mess with the Bull, Texas Edition" by Jon Smith and a limited-edition print will run you $30.

It'll surely bring more style to your man cave/office/living room than anything you'll find at your local Target.

Your baseball buds will say, "where can I get one?" and your non-baseball friends might wonder what this scene is about, but, hey, that means it's a conversation starter.

You can buy this at Nakatomi Inc. Apparently, another version of this print was released in 2010, but this "Texas edition" (check out the background) is an updated version that's limited to 200 pieces.

If you dig the style here, you might consider looking at some of Smith's other work. It's not all baseball stuff, but it's still pretty cool. This "Rocky IV"/"Mike Tyson's Punch-Out" mash-up of Ivan Drago and a bloody Apollo Creed is quite fresh, and these "Mad Men" prints are worth a click. If you're a music fan, Smith also has created some great gig posters.

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