Bartolo Colon was so happy for Yoenis Cespedes’ Home Run Derby win that he slapped a child

Mike Oz
July 16, 2013

When Yoenis Cespedes was crowned baseball's Home Run Derby champion after a 32-homer barrage Monday night, teammate Bartolo Colon, who was right there on the field, did what any good teammate would do: He gave Cespedes a big hug.

That hug, however, had collateral damage — specifically to the face of Robinson Cano's young son, who was standing behind Cespedes trying to give the champ a hug too.

Colon — the big ol' 40-year-old —has been incredibly accurate on the mound this season, and likewise, when he wrapped his arms around Cespedes his hand threw a strike right toward Lil' Cano's face. Poor kid.

This reminds me of a time when I was about the same age as Cano's son. I was at the Cow Palace in San Francisco at a WWF show. An in-his-prime Hulk Hogan was walking toward the ring, doing all that huffing and puffing and pointing and hand-slapping that he used to do. My cousin and I were sitting along the entrance way and Hogan smacked me in the face. Not on purpose or anything, just a byproduct of the Hulkamania. (Disclosure: I rooted for Kamala in the ensuing match)

So to Lil' Cano, I give you this advice: Your face might have hurt a little bit in the moment, but you'll have a fun story for years to come.

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