Baby really doesn't want his picture taken with Reds star Brandon Phillips

Mark Townsend
April 27, 2014

When Cincinnati Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips isn’t going to extreme lengths to photobomb Olympic hockey players at the ballpark, he’s fulfilling his duties as a professional baseball player. Often times those duties include taking more conventional photos with baseball fans in a moment that everybody hopes will create long-lasting memories.

Sometimes it works out perfectly. Sometimes it doesn't quite go as planned, because not everybody is as receptive to the photo op as others. Such was the case when the Reds visited PNC Park in Pittsburgh earlier this week. Phillips agreed to take a photo holding a very young fan who is clearly being groomed to root for the Reds, and was happy to do so.

The fan on the other hand? He wanted to be anywhere other than the arms of Cincinnati's Gold Glove second baseman.

It's a small sample size, but that appears to be the most traumatic experience he's ever endured.

To his credit though, his mother says he did regain his composure and went about cheering the Reds to the first of many victories we're sure he'll attend in his life. 

As for Phillips, it appears he didn't take the reaction personally, although it's pretty clear he's the source of the problem here.

Good for Brandon Phillips. It was probably one of the more awkward photos he's been involved in, but in the end everything worked out. Mom got her photo. Son gets a life-long memory. And the rest of us a chance to smile with them.

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