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  • Here's a video montage of Adrian Beltre reacting to people touching his head

    Mark Townsend at Big League Stew9 hrs ago

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    Allow us to take this very brief break from staring at the computer and/or television waiting for any kind of trade deadline news — we might even settle for what Jon Lester had for dinner — to bring you a special video presentation on Texas Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre.

    It's not a career retrospective, because Beltre's still going strong in his 17th big league season. It's not a top ten countdown of his greatest defensive plays, because that would obviously require much longer than the 23 seconds allotted. It's not even a video of Beltre and his son taking batting practice at Globe Life Park, although we wouldn't complain about that either.

    No, this video is actually a history lesson on just how little Adrian Beltre appreciates having his head touched by anyone, whether it be a teammate, an opponent or basically any human being walking the face of the earth.

    He does not like it. He may harm you if you try, so it's necessary that you watch this video for these three important reasons:

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