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  • Jockey produced 'Mad Bum' underwear given away at Giants celebration

    Mark Townsend at Big League Stew2 hrs ago

    To commemorate Madison Bumgarner's historic postseason, the folks at Jockey — yes, the underwear company — created a very limited supply of "Mad Bum" inspired apparel that was given away to 2,000 lucky fans at Friday's championship celebration.

    Hey SF, who scored a pair of #Madbum underwear? Show your support & post a pic. #SFGiantsParade #SupportingGreatness

    Eat your heart out, Jim Palmer. Madison Bumgarner has his own line of Jockey underwear.

    Well, kinda. 

    Although you can already hear the cash registers cha-chinging in and around the Bay Area, the "Mad Bum" underwear will not be available for sale. It's a one-time batch, according to Dustin Cohn, CMO of Jockey International, which makes each of the 2,000 pair handed out a collector's item. 

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  • You have to read the text message Madison Bumgarner's dad sent him during Game 7

    Mike Oz at Big League Stew1 day ago

    Forget the big contracts, free pick-up trucks, prime-time TV ratings and the rest. Baseball, at its essence, will always be a game of fathers and sons. It's why the Ripkens are royalty, why we rooted for the Griffeys and why "Dad, do you wanna have a catch?" tugs at our hearts all these years later.

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