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  • Alert fan catches flying bat in Washington, gets a kiss for his efforts

    Mark Townsend at Big League Stew10 hrs ago

    We've already had our fill of scary flying bat incidents this season. That's why everybody watching cringed and held their breath on Friday night when San Francisco Giants pitcher Jake Peavy lost his grip and sent his bat barreling into the stands at Nationals Park.

    Fortunately, when the camera quickly panned to the crowd, all we saw was a fan celebrating perhaps the biggest catch of his life.

    Catching a bat > catching a ball.

    That man here is a hero, and to the hero go the spoils.

    So smooth. So casual. Well done, our man. She won't soon forget that one.  

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    Sat, Jul 4
    11:05 AM EDT
    San Francisco at Washington
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