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  • Brace yourself for Guy Fieri's mullet at a 2000 Giants game

    Mike Oz at Big League Stew3 hrs ago

    Hey @gewqk were you diggin through my family photos? #tbt to 2000 watchin the @SFGiants

    Guy Fieri turned Throwback Thursday into Party-in-the-Back Thursday by sharing a picture of his mulleted self at a San Francisco Giants game in 2000.

    It figures that Fieri, the prolific Food Network host, once had a mullet. It makes perfect sense, actually. We'd just never imagined it before.

    Alternate versions of Guy Fieri's hair are a hot topic on the Internet this week. Buzzfeed posted an image of what Fieri might look like with a different hairdo and it attacked trending-topic lists far and wide.

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  • Jose Canseco lied to us all about his finger falling off

    Mike Oz at Big League Stew4 hrs ago

    Like many things on the Internet, some of what shows up on Jose Canseco's Twitter feed is too good to be true.

    A perfect example is that made-to-grab-headlines moment last week when Canseco said his reattached finger fell off during a poker tournament.

    Turns out Canseco made it up. It was a hoax, he admitted to TMZ Sports, inspired by Halloween. Canseco shooting off his finger isn't a hoax — at least as far as we know. But that odd Chapter Two, when it supposedly fell off and was caught on camera? Never happened.

    Per TMZ Sports:

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  • Red Sox prospect Cody Kukuk arrested and charged with robbery

    Mark Townsend at Big League Stew21 hrs ago

    According to the Lawrence Journal-World, Boston Red Sox prospect Cody Kukuk was arrested in Long Beach Calif., on Wednesday on an outstanding warrant in connection with a home-invasion robbery that took place in Lawrence, Kansas on Nov. 8.

    Kukuk, 21, is a native of Lawrence. Another man, 20-year-old Gabriel Patterson, was also arrested in Long Beach in connection with the same robbery. Both men have been charged and will remain jailed without bail.

    Two other men, 21-year-old Zachary John Pence and 19-year-old Driskell Alan Johnson, were charged in the same robbery last week in Kansas.

    Here are a few more details from the Lawrence Journal-World report:

    Police alleged that the men entered the Arkansas Street apartment with handguns, battered residents and took their belongings, McKinley said last week.

    Court documents allege that cash, two cellphones, an Xbox 360 and the contents of a safe were taken during the incident.

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