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  • Jose Bautista pranks Yankees fans with fake toss, Yankees' fans get even

    Mark Townsend at Big League Stew23 hrs ago

    You messed with the wrong group of fans, Jose Bautista.

    The fans who make up the right field bleachers at Yankee Stadium are a passionate bunch, and there's no doubt they're a little extra surly this September with the Yankees heading for an early vacation and Derek Jeter headed for retirement.

    That thought probably didn't cross Bautista's mind on Saturday afternoon when he playfully pump-faked and teased a souvenir toss after catching the final out of an inning during Toronto's 6-3 victory. Naturally, the fans all took the bait, thinking Bautista was being a nice guy — which he often is — but their collective disappointment was immediately clear as every arm dropped faster than Masahiro Tanaka's best splitter.

    A few of those arms probably reappeared with a message for Bautista, but thankfully the cameras didn't pick that up. Besides, they had a better way to get even anyway, and that opportunity would actually come before the next defensive inning.

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