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  • Crazy Legs Gardner: Yankees affiliate unveils Brett Gardner bobble-leg doll

    Mark Townsend at Big League Stew3 hrs ago

    When it comes to ballpark promotions, we always look to the minor leagues for next-level creativity and potential new trends.

    While we're not yet sure if this is a trendsetter, we know with certainty it falls under the category of innovative. The Tampa Yankees — Class A Advanced affiliate of the New York Yankees — will be giving away Brett Gardner bobble-leg dolls at Steinbrenner Field on Sept. 5.

    Yes, you read that correctly. A bobble-leg doll.

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    Take a look.

    Brett Gardner Bobble Legs Giveaway!

    At first you may have thought that meant the head is stationary and the legs do the bobbling. That would be incorrect. The head bobbles and the legs bobble too, giving fans twice the bobble.

    What a STEAL of a deal for the first 500 fans to walk through the gates on Saturday. 

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