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  • Great leaping Tulo: Troy Tulowitzki hops over Matt Wieters to avoid tag

    Mark Townsend at Big League Stew31 mins ago

    Not much went right for the Toronto Blue Jays on Friday night during their 10-2 loss to the Baltimore Orioles.

    That includes but is not limited to outfielder Ben Revere accidentally boosting a Matt Wieters fly ball over the wall for a home run.

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    With the Yankees win, Toronto also lost a full game off their lead in the AL East. They'll start Saturday's action with a mere a half-game lead over New York.

    With that in mind, if they were looking for any inspiration, they should focus on this incredible highlight from Troy Tulowitzki.

    What you're witnessing here is one strange sequence with a spectacular finish. 

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  • Royals fans work together to secure slippery foul ball

    Mark Townsend at Big League Stew16 hrs ago

    Your browser does not support iframes.

    Though the main selling points of baseball are the individual stars and the marquee one-on-one matchups between between pitcher and batter, it's still a team sport that requires individuals working together for the greater good.

    For example, it takes at least two, often times three players to turn to a double play. It takes two players paying attention and working in sync to execute a hit-and-run or suicide squeeze. And if we move the focus away from the field, sometimes it even takes two — as in two fans — to corral a foul ball.

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    At least that's how things played out Friday night at Kauffman Stadium. A pair of fans who may or may not have known each other before hand, ended up in the same spot attempting to catch the same foul ball off the bat of Detroit's James McCann. Both were standing along the railing of the upper deck, and both ended up getting their hands on the ball.

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  • George Springer is back and ready for battle in UConn football helmet

    Mark Townsend at Big League Stew18 hrs ago

    The Houston Astros lineup is about to become a little stronger and a lot more dynamic with the return of George Springer.

    The 25-year-old outfielder was activated from the disabled list on Friday after missing two months with a fractured right wrist.

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    Springer figures to be in the lineup for all three games of their important weekend series against the Minnesota Twins, and based on his gear in the Astros clubhouse he's more than ready for battle.

    George Springer wearing a UConn football helmet as he talks to the media before his return to #Astros lineup.

    Maybe a little too ready.

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