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  • Umpire ejects boorish fan for heckling Bryce Harper

    David Brown at Big League Stew5 hrs ago

    Not everyone at Turner Field took it in stride as the Washington Nationals clinched the National League East against the Atlanta Braves on Tuesday night.

    Word on the street is that umpire Tim Welke had been coexisting with a fan who was heckling Bryce Harper for several innings. By the time the sixth inning rolled around, and the fan refused to stop yelling such creative taunts as "You [bleeping stink], you piece of [bleep]!" Welke drew a line and had security eject him.

    Here's a link to video of the event that includes some NSFW language you can barely make out.

    "Hey! Hey! Get rid of that guy! Get rid of him now!" Welke said heroically to an usher. 

    Harper otherwise appeared ready to get on with the game, but apparently Welke had heard enough F bombs.

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