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  • MLB players get record postseason payout of $69 million

    Mike Oz at Big League Stew18 hrs ago

    In yet the latest example of MLB's embarrassment of riches, the league announced Monday that players earned a record $69.8 million from the postseason, their share of gate receipts from playoff games. 

    The Kansas City Royals, the World Series winners, got the biggest piece of the pie: $25.1 million or $370K per playoff share. New York Mets players, who won the NL but lost the World Series, earned $16.7 million or $300K per playoff share.

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  • Justin Verlander falls victim to extra 'N' in Jordan Zimmermann's name

    Mark Townsend at Big League Stew1 day ago

    When writing or typing Jordan Zimmermann's name, one must pay extra close attention. That's because of the uncommon spelling of his totally common last name. 

    It's Zimmermann with two n's, not one like we're used to seeing, or one like his now reported to be former Washington Nationals teammate Ryan Zimmerman. 

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    It's a writing hazard that's bound to catch all of us. Even when you think you've got it covered, the brain doesn't read Zimmerman expecting to see that extra letter, so the mistake is often overlooked when made. 

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