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  • Nats fan has the most amazing baseball beard you'll ever see (Photo)

    Mike Oz at Big League Stew14 hrs ago

    This is Eric Brooks. This is Eric Brooks rendering all other baseball beards mundane.

    Sorry, Brian Wilson. You're old news too, 2013 Boston Red Sox. Dare we say that even the Washington Nationals' Jayson Werth, who from the looks of things Brooks would clap for, isn't even on this level. Until someone else turns his beard into an MLB team logo, they're all in second place.

    Brooks, a Nats fan and artist, posted this photo of his beard Monday on Instagram. He describes himself on social media as an "avid beardsman" and seems to subscribe to the art of freestyle bearding. Brooks wrote that he's attending Wednesday's game and this was a practice attempt at a beard to wear to the game. Looks like he nailed it.

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    Tue, Jul 22
    4:07 PM PDT
    Boston at Toronto
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  • Dad holding toddler makes nifty foul-ball catch

    David Brown at Big League Stew19 hrs ago

    A man standing in the lower deck and holding who appeared to be his young son made a nice catch at the Miami Marlins game Sunday afternoon of a foul ball hit by Adeiny Hechavarria. Some fans in the ball's path flinched, and others ducked, when the ball came zipping by, but Marlins Dad showed no fear reflex and caught the ball as he reached with his bare right hand while holding on tight to junior in his left arm.

    This guy is what every man should want to be in a father. Sturdy, steady and fearless (on the outside). Marlins Dad also got a nice high five from a worker at Marlins Park. The club also should think about offering him a Ball Dad gig, but only if he works in pairs and feels like he can repeat the trick.

    The kid had a big smile on his face, though probably won't remember the incident in 10 years, but he'll always have the video and the ball.

    More MLB coverage at Yahoo Sports:


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  • Tigers fan wins tug-of-war with Indians fan for Torii Hunter home run

    David Brown at Big League Stew20 hrs ago


    Torii Hunter hit an otherwise unremarkable home run Sunday, one that extended a lead for the Detroit Tigers in a 5-1 victory against the Cleveland Indians. It was the struggle for the souvenir that was most notable about Hunter's two-run blast in the bottom of the fourth.

    A fan wearing a Tigers jersey successfully wrestled the ball away from a fan in an Indians jersey after the two men in the first row locked hands in an effort to catch the ball. The Indians fan had a size advantage and, you'd think, a leverage advantage, but he could only get one hand on the ball.

    The Tigers fan seemed to catch not only the ball, but the other fan's other hand. The Indians fan failed to unlock the Tiger's fan's hands — which also might have ripped the ball away and sent it flying to where no one could get it. Kind of like that dog with the bone who saw his reflection in a river and then lost both because he got greedy. Only now there's two dogs. And a ball instead.

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    Tue, Jul 22
    6:40 PM PDT
    Detroit at Arizona
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