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  • Ross Ohlendorf defeated Wade Miley in a cow-milking contest

    Mark Townsend at Big League Stew1 hr ago

    It's a tradition unlike any other at Globe Life Park.

    On Friday night, the Texas Rangers held their annual "Farm and Ranch Day" as they prepared for their second game against the Boston Red Sox, and as is always the case, the night's proceedings included a pregame cow-milking contest between players from the respective teams.

    This season, the Rangers were represented by Lockhart, Texas native Ross Ohlendorf, who actually grew up on a Longhorn ranch. Though he entered with limited cow-milking skills, he still fit the bill better than anyone else on the roster.

    “There is definitely a difference,” Ohlendorf said. “But I’m excited to get down in there. I think I milked a cow once when I was younger. I watched a YouTube video last night to prepare.”

    Proving once again that Youtube is the best educational tool we have left. Well, aside from Big League Stew that is.

    [Listen up! We've got Rays star Evan Longoria on this week's StewPod]

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  • Rangers fan wears nacho cheese thanks to Prince Fielder foul ball

    Mark Townsend at Big League Stew23 hrs ago

    When pondering the perfect ballpark experience, for many of us that vision includes enjoying a large plate of nachos and cheese, watching our favorite team win the game, and above all else catching a game used baseball.

    Of course, in reality, we know two out of those three coming true is about the best we can truly hope for, with the whole catching a baseball thing a distant fantasy. However, for one fan of the Texas Rangers on Thursday, the nachos and the baseball were literally in her lap just as she was taking her seat during the first inning of their game against the Boston Red Sox.

    It was a dream scenario, only it wasn't, because like we said, the nachos and baseball were literally in her lap.

    The timing was a just a little off, which left her unprepared to make a play on Prince Fielder's foul ball. Instead, the baseball bounced off her plate and the plate literally exploded, sending nachos and cheese flying everywhere, and the baseball rolling at her feet.

    It's not clear who ended up with the ball, but we can safely say that was a dream scenario turned nightmare.

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