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  • Someone on the Tigers thinks manager Brad Ausmus is 'dreamy'

    Chris Cwik at Big League Stew3 days ago

    Detroit Tigers manager Brad Ausmus is a fine looking gentleman. No one denies this. During most games, the announcers will often mention that he looks like he could still play. During a recent Sunday Night Baseball telecast, Curt Schilling even talked about Ausmus' good looks

    The announcers aren't the only ones to notice Ausmus' handsomeness, though. Someone on the Tigers decided to run with the sentiment, creating some fashionable t-shirts. 

    The shirts mysteriously appeared in players' lockers Wednesday. As of Thursday morning, no one had taken credit for the prank.

    Ausmus, however, has an idea of who might be behind the whole thing, according to James Schmehl of

    "I think it was Alex [Avila]. That's my guess," he said. "He has free time. He boldly walked into the room wearing it in front of me. So I assume that's his way of bragging."

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