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  • Jose Fernandez produces in unfamiliar role to secure Marlins victory

    Mark Townsend at Big League Stew9 mins ago

    Welcome to The Walk Off, the nightly MLB recap from Big League Stew. Here we’ll look at the top performers of the night, show you a must-see highlight and rundown the scoreboard. First, we start with a game you need to know about.

    We know Miami Marlins right-hander Jose Fernandez is a weapon on the hill. He’s among the game’s most elite pitchers when healthy, which is right now. He’s also pretty valuable with the bat, which showed in Friday’s 7-5, 12-inning win against the Braves.

    With manager Don Mattingly fresh out of position players, he called on Fernandez to bat with two men. His ace came through, ripping his fourth career double to score both runs and provide the difference in the outcome.

    You go, Jose.

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