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  • Everyone laugh! Big Papi interrupts Jake Peavy's World Series press conference

    David Brown at Big League Stew1 hr ago

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    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Press conferences in Major League Baseball can be informative and fun. They also can be, well — just bang your head lightly against the nearest table. They can be like that, too.

    Taking no chances Tuesday afternoon at a World Series press conference where Jake Peavy was speaking, David Ortiz entered a room of sports reporters about seven questions in so he could say hello to a former teammate. Sure, he could have waited to say hi on the field or in the dugout or clubhouse before Game 1, but it's always better to do what you do best.

    In the case of Ortiz, that's making an entrance. He's at the World Series to provide analysis on Fox. Ortiz was said to be nervous about his TV gig, thinking he might not measure up to the job that another former teammate, Pedro Martinez, did for TBS in the earlier rounds of the postseason. 

    All he has to do is be himself and, though some won't like him because they've grown tired of the Red Sox (too bad), most of the viewers will give him a chance to add something to the broadcast.

    Ortiz seemed to pass his final test:

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  • WWE's Randy Orton disses Royals in Kansas City, John Cena defends them

    Mike Oz at Big League Stew19 hrs ago

    You didn't think it was just radio stations having fun with Kansas City Royals being in the World Series, did you? World Wrestling Entertainment's popular "Monday Night Raw" was live from Kansas City on World Series Eve, and the occasion wasn't going to pass without cheap heat.

    Randy Orton — the star of those hilarious RKO Vines — was called on to anger the Kansas City crowd by dissing the Royals. He's a good fit, considering he's from St. Louis.

    Orton was cutting a promo against John Cena when a "Let's Go Royals" chant broke out in the crowd. Orton quickly flipped into super heel mode and told the fans:

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