Alfonso Soriano hops his way to the MRI machine


Dollars to batting doughnuts says that if you watched a Cubs game with a Cubs fan over the past 1+ year, they loudly complained about that stupid little bunny hop that Alfonso Soriano does when catching routine fly balls at the end of an inning. Lord knows that I and all of my friends did.

Truth be told, though, we were all just concerned that Soriano Peter Cottontail would fall on his face, thereby missing the ball and extending the inning to who knows what kind of horrors.

That he would eventually injure himself while skip-de-doo-daing his way to the dugout never crossed our minds, though it probably certainly should have.

Now Soriano has a strained right calf as a result of his little stunt in last night's first inning (similar to the one pictured in this file photo) and Lou Piniella says he'll be out "probably for a while."

Well, that's just great. You sign a guy to an eight-year, $136-million contract that could be redefining albatross perhaps as early as next season and then he goes out and suffers the stupidest on-field injury since Gus Frerotte decided it'd be a good idea to act like the Bushwhackers toward a wall at RFK. At least he was so willing and able to give the second spot in the order a try for all of two games.

The worst part is that we can't even rightly say we told Soriano so. (Though we're certainly going to try.)