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Alex Rodriguez, welcome to Twitter, a place you never should have come

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Alex Rodriguez in on Twitter now — or one of his handlers is. Either way, the word is out that @AROD is happening and, as you can imagine, the Twitter masses are having a ball.

Nevermind that A-Rod's Twitter timeline is as boring as plain yogurt. It's mostly pictures, taken by someone else, of A-Rod doing pretty normal baseball stuff. All of it pertaining to his injury rehab. All of it certainly an image rehab tool.

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A-Rod's Twitter account was actually created on May 31 (right around the time he hired a new publicist, hmmm) but it's gotten much more attention in the last two days with Twitter reps announcing A-Rod's "verified" presence.

"Please welcome him accordingly." That means so many things to so many people. But we all knew what was coming next. An onslaught. I spent way too much time perusing tweets aimed at @AROD and I've created the following catalog of people who are tweeting at the embattled star.

I like to call it, "The 11 types of people you meet in A-Rod's Twitter mentions."

1. The popular jokesters, for whom this is a momentous happening:

2. The people who are eager for A-Rod to follow them:

3. The people with postseason jokes:

4. The people with steroid jokes:

5. The people with centaur jokes:

6. These people:

7. The people who knew how ugly this would get:

8. The "true fans":

9. The people who want something:


11. Jose Canseco, of course.

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Uncensored version here.

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