Adult fan barrels over child on way to grabbing Kyle Seager’s historic grand slam ball

Mark Townsend
June 6, 2013

As we noted on Wednesday night, the Chicago White Sox topped the Seattle Mariners in a wild 16-inning game despite Kyle Seager's dramatic, game-tying and history-making grand slam in the 14th inning.

Just to bring you up to speed quickly on the historical significance of Seager's blast, it was only the third extra-inning grand slam since 1945 that did not give a team the lead, and the first ever to tie a game. That's remarkable enough to think about, but then consider this game had been scoreless for the first 13 innings, and was suddenly 5-5 heading to the 15th. That's something else that has never happened in MLB history. Not once.

It should go without saying from this point forward, the grand slam was monumental. However, there is one cringeworthy image attached to it that remains fresh in the mind of many, mine included, and that's of an adult fan barreling over a very young child in clear view of the camera on his way to grabbing the souvenir.

Barreling may actually be too gentle of a term. The poor kid actually got steamrolled, and it's entirely possible it was his own father who did the steamrolling.

If you look at the video closely, you'll see that they were pretty clearly the only two people seated in their row. Even if the exact relationship isn't father and son, it's safe to bet they were attending the game together. As for the one-side collision itself, as Seager's ball approaches the adult appears to get his hands on it initially, but fails to secure it. In his haste to retrieve it, he loses all track of his surroundings and sends the child flying with a stumbling shoulderblock.

It's painful to watch, honestly, but thankfully we've heard no word on an injury to the child.

That's a good thing, and I feel like we're safe to get a chuckle out of the likelihood that this fan had absolutely no clue about the historical significance of the ball he was willing to sacrifice the well being of those around him to secure. He simply went into child mode himself, which is something we all have been or will be guilty of at one point or another in adulthood. His moment just happened here, on TV, during the biggest moment of the weirdest game all season.

Timing truly is everything.

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