Adrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus figure out their boundaries, finally (Video)

Mike Oz

There isn't a more amusing left-side-of-the-infield duo in baseball than Adrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus of the Texas Rangers, who can often be found behaving like quarreling brothers when pop ups are hit in their direction.

One will mimic the other. They'll get in each others' way. Or they'll push each other around after a catch. Andrus is the younger pest and Beltre is the older eye-roller. The play these roles to a tee, and they were at it again Monday night in the Rangers' 2-0 win over the Seattle Mariners. Only there was one new bit in their routine.

Andrus caught a pop up in the seventh inning with Beltre just a few feet in front of him, miming like he was going to make the catch. Andrus laughed and appeared to say something like "excuse me" to his buddy. Then the two of them proceeded to discuss whose turf was whose. Andrus drew a line in the infield dirt with his shoe. It was like two brothers putting tape down the middle of the bedroom they share.

With that, we'll point your attention to this Internet classic that's always worth re-watching. It's a compilation of Beltre and Andrus goofing around with each other and it's well worth your 64 seconds.

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