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The 9-minute at-bat: Pedroia beats Weaver after 13 pitches

David Brown
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Dustin Pedroia carried out the most tenacious of at-bats in the fifth inning against right-hander Jered Weaver on Monday night.

Pedroia saw 13 pitches, fouling off nine and working the count full before lining a two-out, two-run, go-ahead single for the pivotal play in a 9-5 victory by the Boston Red Sox.

The Los Angeles Angels led 2-1 in the fifth when the Red Sox put two runners on for Pedroia. He was 3 for 25 overall and 0 for 2 on the night against Weaver, who was off to the hottest start of any pitcher in the majors this side of Florida's Josh Johnson.

Despite Boston's threat against Weaver — who came in leading the AL in ERA, strikeouts and fewest hits per nine innings — he was one pitch away from escaping with the lead.

Watch the 9-minute-plus confrontation

After five consecutive foul balls — including one off the instep of his left foot — Pedroia connected for a sharp single up the middle on Weaver's 106th pitch of the game. Pedroia let out a yell of satisfaction as he ran out of the batter's box.

Pedroia still seemed breathless about the at-bat (via

"To be honest with you, man, I was just trying to put the ball in play," Pedroia said. "Jered's tough, man. I faced him in college and the first few years in the big leagues, and it doesn't get any better than him. I haven't won too many of those, but it was nice to drive in a couple and kind of get everything going."

The Boston Globe's Pete Abraham chronicled the at-bat's pitch-by-pitch details in the Extra Bases blog: {YSP:MORE}

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79-mph changeup: Ball
79-mph slider: Foul
92-mph fastball: Ball
79-mph changeup: Foul
91-mph fastball: Foul
93-mph fastball: Foul
92-mph cutter: Ball (Ellsbury steals second)
81-mph slider: Foul
78-mph slider: Foul
78-mph changeup: Foul
92-mph cutter: Foul
91-mph cutter: Foul
91-mph fastball: Two-run single to center

Weaver threw four different pitches and at six different speeds. He started out with three pitches inside then worked the ball outside. Two pitches were low, two others high.

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Weaver had been scheduled to pitch Sunday but was scratched because of a stomach virus.

Pedroia's an even tougher little bugger.

"That's what he does," Weaver said. "He wasn't an MVP a couple of years ago for no reason. I made some good pitches. It was a 3-2 count. Some good sliders and good changeups. He just won the battle this time. Sometimes you lose them."

Weaver pitched a scoreless sixth, but the Red Sox piled on with six runs in the seventh against the Angels bullpen. Los Anaheim had won each of Weaver's six starts; he had allowed only five earned runs all season.

Scrappy, gritty, grindy: Adjectives like those have been overused to define certain ballplayers, including Pedroia, but he is all of them — along with diligent, focused and talented.

And, as Weaver would tell you: He's also persistent.

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