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Urban Meyer responds to 2 year old whose parents sent in recruiting pamphlet to Ohio State

Prep Rally

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2-year-old Sullivan Busser's parents sent in a recruiting flyer to Ohio State — Fox 8 screenshot

2-year-old Sullivan Busser's parents sent in a recruiting flyer to Ohio State — Fox 8 screenshot

Isn't Urban Meyer just the cutest?

Faced with an adorable and completely overwrought recruiting handout sent his way by the parents of a 2-year-old boy, Meyer chose to offer up an earnest reply rather than blow the letter off.

As noted by USA Today, the parents of 2-year-old Columbus native Sullivan Busser sent in a profile handout to Meyer and the Ohio State coaching staff. You can see the photos and data above, which depict Sullivan as a two-way quarterback and defensive back.

And, hey, there's photographic proof that the kid can physically throw a football, so Prep Rally is in no position to cast aspersions on his prospective choice of positions.

Obviously, the Bussers never intended for Meyer to take the leaflet seriously. And he didn't. What he did do is respond to the mailer just as he does to much of his fan mail.

This time, his reply to the 3-foot-2, 25-pounder was priceless.

Dear Sullivan:

Your parents sent us your future Buckeye recruiting information. We will look for you to make your collegiate football debut in 2029 — you will need to gain a little weight, but our strength staff will take care of that! Go Bucks!


Urban Meyer
Head Football Coach

There are two things to note here:

1. Meyer really does have a good sense of humor. That's both reassuring and touching.

2. When coaches actually do start recruiting toddlers, Meyer can raise his hand and say he was at it first. He's always been an innovator, so perhaps this should be no surprise.

No word on how University of Michigan coach Brady Hoke plans to counter his rival's early move for Busser. Perhaps there's a budding offensive lineman he can find in a nearby pew at his Ann Arbor church?

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