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Top recruit throws down ridiculous reverse jam in LeBron’s dunk contest

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Rising senior Julius Randle is the No. 2 overall boys basketball prospect in the Class of 2013 (he's moved up since the highlight reel below, where he was ranked No. 3). The Plano, Texas native, who currently plies his trade at Prestonwood (Texas) Christian Academy, has more explosiveness and athleticism than nearly any power forward prospect in recent years, with practically every college program in the country taking notice and chasing the teen.

Now Randle is showing that he has some serious agility, too, as he proved with the dunk you see above at the recently completed LeBron James Skill Academy.

Rather than just settle for a more traditional "Eastbay" dunk, Randle elevated, reversed his body in mid air and threw down the jam two handed.

Admittedly, Randle completed his dual-handed reverse Eastbay in a dunk contest at the event, but it's rare to see the dunk pulled off anyway, in contest or game form. It was also thrown down successfully by streetballer Afrika in June, as highlighted by Hoops Mixtape, but to see a high schooler complete the move is fairly astonishing.

Of course, the nasty reverse Eastbay was hardly Randle's only notable contribution to LeBron's Skills Academy. After you check out the Prestonwood senior's best slam a couple of times, it's worth watching his entire highlight reel from start to finish.

If nothing else, it can serve as an ideal primer for what is coming in the year's ahead. We're all going to be seeing a lot more of Julius Randle, and soon.

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