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Title leads to grammatically incorrect tattoo for 52-year-old coach

It's not unheard of for prep coaches to promise unusual stunts if their team wins a state or regional title. Shaving a head? Sure, it's been done. Dressing up in drag? Not uncommon.

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Getting a permanent tattoo of a team-chosen slogan? That's another matter, particularly if you're a woman in your 50s. Yet that's precisely what's facing Irving (Texas) MacArthur coach Suzie Oelschlegel, who promised her team that she would get a tattoo of the team's 2010-11 motto if the Cardinals won the state title.

And what, pray tell, is that motto? "We n dat thang." Ouch.

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If there was ever any question that Oelschlegel's tattoo will be among the most out of place on a human being, those doubts can be dispelled both by the picture of the coach above and the number of consonants in her last name. The Dallas Morning News reported that Oelschlegel, known simply as "Coach O" by her players, pointed to her wrist when asked where the future tattoo would likely go.

Granted, the tattoo might end up some place less visible than the wrist. After all, Oelschlegel and her team had just wrapped up a magical state title run with a 74-51 rout of a highly touted Georgetown (Texas) High team.

Still, no matter where she decides to put it, having "We n dat thang," inked on the body of a 52-year-old PE teacher and head coach is no small matter. Given the coach's notoriety, something tells us she won't be able to hide it easily, either.

After all, Oelschlegel was recently honored as the Irving ISD's teacher of the month, and she has a state championship parade through Irving coming on March 11. That's a lot of time in front of cameras in which to keep a grammatically incorrect tattoo away from public eyesight.

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