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Texas QB’s amazing Elway-like TD lands team 2OT win

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What's better than a play that stands out as one of the early season's best? When a play that stands out as one of the early season's best also decides a heated double-overtime game ... and bears an eerie resemblance to one of the great clutch NFL plays of all time.

That's precisely what happened on Friday in Mesquite, Texas, where the No. 87 Denton (Texas) Ryan High Raiders fought their way to a 28-22, double-overtime victory against the resurgent Mesquite (Texas) High Skeeters. While a number of Ryan players deserve plaudits for the team's determined victory, the man who earned the most accolades in the hardest way possible was backup quarterback Mitchell Bridges, who turned in an incredible John Elway-like run to reach the end zone on his team's second overtime possession to seal the victory.

As you can see above, Bridges' touchdown bore eerie similarities to the one Elway produced in Super Bowl XXXII to inspire Denver to an upset victory against the Brett Favre-led Packers. Like Elway, Bridges surveyed his options then took off on a bold dash to the right side of the field. And like Elway, Bridges was hit by multiple defenders, sending him into an uncontrollable helicopter twirl before taking a hard landing.

In fact, the most notable difference between Elway's heroics and the ones turned in by Bridges are that Bridges actually ended up in the end zone. Elway, famously, was stopped inside the 5-yard line, setting up Denver with a first and goal that eventually paved the way for a touchdown that put the Broncos firmly in control.

Just think: In a week, Bridges has gone from wondering what role, if any, he would play against an unranked Texas opponent to being compared to one of the great quarterbacks of all time. That's not a bad week for a sophomore reserve, huh?

Of course, Bridges' play wasn't the only inspired highlight from the weekend, as this impressive Top 10 collection from Rivals High TV shows (Arizona Deer Valley High's Austin Hillman's uber-elusive quarterback scramble at number 3 is particularly impressive).

Still, no others could showcase the gutsy determination that Bridges provided for Ryan, keeping the Raiders' undefeated season -- and slot in the RivalsHigh 100 standings -- secure for another week.

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