Tennessee 6th grader pulls off phenomenal hurdling touchdown run

Cameron Smith
September 6, 2013

If you were bet on the state of Tennessee as the first to produce one of those amazing touchdowns where the running back hurdles his defender, pat yourself on the back. If you had the feat being performed by a 6th grader, well, you might be Nostradamus.

Incredibly, that's precisely what you see above. A Tennessee 6th grader going full Reggie Bush above a would-be tackler en route to the end zone. As noted by Bob's Blitz, it's worth keeping in mind that these are 11-year-olds, not top high school athletes.

That's not to say this unnamed member of the Olbion County (Tn.) Schools Rebel football team couldn't be a prep athlete right now, keep in mind. Sure, he's undersized, but he's pretty quick, too.

Luckily he has a few more years of dominating preteens and leaping over defenders to come before he suits up in high school. When he does ... watch out. You know what he's going to do when a defender comes in low.

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