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Seventh-grader delivers even more impressive fast-break dunk

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Adrian Moore may only be in seventh grade, but the pre-teen is learning fast just how to get people's attention on a basketball court. Just weeks after throwing down a headline-grabbing dunk in a game, the Scottie Pippen-mentored middle school phenom one-upped himself, throwing down an even more eyebrow-raising slam in another game.

As you can see in the clip above, Moore doesn't just have unbelievable athleticism, he also has pure breakaway speed. The middle schooler started his own break with a pretty incredible block, chased down the loose ball and then broke for the rim, finishing with a flourish by elevating straight up over a poor unsuspecting seventh-grade foe for a posterizing dunk.

Given his athleticism, speed and silky transitional skills, it's easy to forget that Moore is still in middle school ... until you notice the players around him. Moore's Conway teammates wearing number 10 and 32 look like they could easily be extras from "A Christmas Story," while the middle schoolers' counterparts look positively shaken by Moore's dunk.

In fact, given the ability of most middle schoolers, these seventh graders would probably be stunned by seeing anyone dunk, let alone dunk over one of their teammates. You can hardly blame their shaken expressions.

Given his early season exploits, one almost expects Moore to be dunking over a small village of competitors by the end of the season, like collegiate All-Stars do in the ESPN specials that air just before the Final Four.

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